Former The Last of Us Developer Hired At Sony For New Project

Ex-The Last of Us Dev Working On Sony's New Project

Former The Last of Us developer Quentin Cobb has announced on Twitter that he's returning to Sony as a senior game designer to work on a project he can't talk about yet.

Cobb didn't even share the name of the team is going to work at, leaving the matter of what this new game could be really up in the air. Considering he's going to be senior game designer, though, it looks something pretty relevant.

Ex-The Last of Us Dev Working On Sony's New Project

"Today was my first day as a Sr. Game Designer for Sony today. I can't wait to talk about the project I'm working on and what the future holds. It's good to be back!," he shared on Twitter.

It's worth noting that he has worked in the past for Naughty Dog on the Uncharted series, chapters 3 and 4, and the original The Last of Us. Looking at his curriculum vitae, there's a chance the new game might be an action adventure.

It's still very early in the process if Sony is still hiring people at the unnamed studio, so we wouldn't expect any kind of teasing or announce anytime soon, but it's at least great to see they're making new stuff aside from the new exclusives.

What would you like this to be?

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