Dev: Red Dead Redemption 2 Bank Robbery and Gang Hideout Not Part of the Main Story

During the last few hours, Rockstar Games has confirmed the multiple limited editions it will be released with, coming completely of a series of in-game bonuses like additional missions and outfits.

Two of the missions that are part of the Special Edition – it's now official – is said to have been crafted specifically for that version of the game and, for this reason, have been taken out of the main story so that everyone can enjoy it.

Red Dead Redemption II Special Edition Content Clarification

The two missions are Bank Robbery and Gang Hideout, which, again, Rockstar Games informs us are not included in the main story but are offered exclusively as additional quests outside of the core campaign.

On Twitter, Rockstar Games also addressed the criticism about the Collector's Box which is being offered without a copy of the game, neither digital nor physical, and this is what the studio had to tell a fan:

"Just to clarify, the Collector's Box is not an 'edition' of the game – it's designed as separate companion package of collectibles for fans of RDR2." The user said it was a bit "steep" but ended up preordering the box.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is releasing on October 26, 2018.

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