F1 2011 will also launch on 3DS and NGP: Report

Codemasters is developing F1 2011 not only for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 but also for Sony's NGP and Nintendo 3DS. The news was first confirmed by a Netherland journo in a tweet which was retweeted by none other than Codemasters Benelux.

F1 2011 for 3DS

Here is what the tweet reads (Translated):

"2011 F1 next appears in Q4 PC, PS2, Xbox 360 and also for 3DS NGP/PSP2."

Codemasters officially announced F1 2011 when they launched F1 2010 way back in September, at that time they also confirmed that F1 2011 will feature new splitscreen mode.

F1 2011 will released during Q3/Q4 2011. Check back with us for more details on it.

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