Steam Leaks Just Cause 4 Promotional Poster, Reveal Incoming At E3 2018

Just Cause 4 Poster Leaked On Steam Pre-order Page

The existence of Just Cause 4, the fourth installment in Just Cause video game franchise, has been leaked via Steam Pre-order page. You guys can check out the screenshot of the Page below. Does this mean, Square Enix is going to reveal Just Cause 4 at E3 2018? The chances are higher after this leak on Steam.

Just Cause 4 Poster Leaked On Steam Pre-order Page

As you can see in the screenshot below, the pre-order page carries a button titled "Click For Details", as you do that nothing happens. What this means is that the pre-order page of the Just Cause 4 Steam Store Page is not live yet.

With E3 2018 just a few hours away, I can't wait to see what Square Enix has in store for Just Cause Community. I am more interested to know which studio is working on the Just Cause 4? Avalanche has teamed up with Id Software to work on the RAGE 2 (and their APEX Engine is being used for the development). Is there a second team at Avalanche that is working on Just Cause 4?

Just Cause 4 Pre-order Page

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