Xbox One Sold 39.1 Million Units, PS4 Sold 76.6 Million Units As Of March 31, 2018

Xbox One Sales As of March 2018 - 39.1 Million Units

According to IHS, Xbox One has sold 39.5 million units worldwide, an estimate which is slightly higher than the ones slipped previously thanks to Electronic Arts internal data.

The new sale stat has been reported by Wall Street Journal's Sarah  E. Needleman, who's been quite to note in the same tweet that PlayStation 4 has sold 76.6 million units instead.

Xbox One Sales As of March 2018

"Microsoft is significantly expanding its lineup of video game content this year, a strategy aimed at squeezing more revenue out of its existing user base," she observed on her Twitter profile.

"As of March 31, its Xbox One had a global install base of 39.1M units; Sony's PlayStation 4 had 76.6M, according to IHS."

The sales data have been reported by BBC and CNBC as well, so look rather realistic. Anyway, we won't have any confirm soon, as Microsoft doesn't provide Xbox One sales data anymore and won't change this approach in the future.

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