Microsoft Won't Push For New First Party Studios' Games To Have Multiplayer

Microsoft Not Forcing Multiplayer In First Party Games

One of the biggest announcements from the E3 2018 wa not about proper games but about the ones who make the games, as Microsoft revealed it has purchased four studios and built another one from ground up.

During a recent interview, Microsoft Studios head Matt Booty has precised that all of these studios have complete creative freedom and that they will be free to offer games that do not have a multiplayer online component if that is their will.

Microsoft Not Forcing Multiplayer In First Party Games

"Let's acknowledge it: those games are doing great, and people love playing those games. For us, and I want to be very careful to clarify this, we see both. We see people loving single-player games, and it's why you can sit and work your way through Forza solo if that's what you want to do," Booty told GameCentral.

"But we also know that more and more gaming is about community. More and more it's about people playing together, and we're gonna chase that. If that's what our players are doing and where they want to go. But there is no overarching sentiment or strategy that says, ‘We're gonna go make one kind of game over another'."

"In fact, with those studio acquisitions, with Ninja Theory, with Compulsion, if they end up deciding they want to make more games like Hellblade or We Happy Few – both primarily single-player games – if The Initiative comes back and says we want to make a game that doesn't even have a multiplayer component, then great. We want the teams to make the games that they feel are right."

Well, that's great to hear. Studios like Ninja Theory are known for a certain kind of product and having them work on something like that, like Hellblade or Enslaved, is sure enough the best way to start the cooperation on first party titles.

We'll see how much time it'll take to see them reveal their games, although it might be the case that these titles get announced for a next-gen platform at this point.

Source: Metro

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