PlayStation Now Allowing PS4 Game Downloads From September 2018 - Sources

According to a report from Kotaku UK, PlayStation Now is preparing for a new phase where it’ll allow players to download their games and play them offline, instead of being limited to just streaming.

Based on the information from an industry source, the download will be available as a new option from late September and will be limited, "at least initially" to PlayStation 4 games.

PlayStation Now Allowing PS4 Game Downloads From September 2018

"The games you download will work in the same way that PlayStation Plus games do: that is, they'll work as long as you have an active PS Now subscription, and should be playable offline on your primary PS4. Much like other PlayStation content, the games can also be played on other accounts that share the same PS4," the website reports.

"It seems strange that Sony omitted this news from the company's E3 conference, where it may have added pizzazz to a rather by-the-numbers show. But there we are: for those of us who maybe aren't on the best connections, PS Now will get a lot more attractive later this year."

Sure enough, this would make PlayStation Now much more attractive and on top of that, it would be a good way for Sony to bring it in countries such as Italy where the quality of the Internet connection has blocked the service to spread its wings.

We’ll let you know as soon as more details on the matter pop up, but it looks the rumor is rather believable and the second in just a few days. So an announcement appears to be incoming.

Source: Kotaku