Final Fantasy VII Remake Is "Progressing As It Should," Says Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Update June 2018

During the latest meeting with the stockholders, Square Enix offered a couple statements about Final Fantasy VII Remake and the status of the development process three years after its announcement.

A question was asked specifically about the status of the process and Square Enix didn't want to get too much further into it, although confirming the shift to an internal team after, for some reason, the partnership with CyberConnect 2 was ditched.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Update June 2018

"I can't say a single word about that. As it has been reported, we took a second look at the development structure and continued from there. It's certainly hitting its milestones accordingly," producer Shinji Hashimoto said.

"There is a lot being said about it, but it's progressing as it should so please don't fret. Things are coming along well," then added President Yosuke Matsuda, who wanted to kind of ease the pressure on the team.

Still, we don't have any concrete information about the game and it was sort of disappointing not to see it at the E3 2018, especially after we saw the almost irrelevant  Square Enix showcase come even without a trailer or teaser.

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