Phil Spencer Talks Xbox One X Successor, New First Party Games, AI And Support From Japanese Devs

Phil Spencer Interview With Famitsu

In an unusual interview with Famitsu, Phil Spencer commented on the state of Xbox after the media briefing at E3 2018, talking about the future of the console, games from Japan, and more.

Among the topics that have been touched during the conversation, Spencer said that the next Xbox has started its journey and that he is in discussions with hardware developers to understand where the technology is headed.

Phil Spencer Interview With Famitsu

Interestingly, while what he said for a certain extent hints at research still being done, he added that there's the idea to put gamers above anything else, in line with Spencer's idea of Xbox One S and X. So we can see a simpler console with gaming at its core, which is being understood the importance of both resolution and frame rate for, too.

Other topics he touched involved new Microsoft studios and his relationship with Japanese developers.

From both, he commented, Xbox users can expect excellent thinks as Japanese devs and publishers are starting to support more heavily the platform and there's a bond which is being created through his frequent travels to the country and his early playtest at their headquarters.

Finally, as he did at E3 2018, he also mentioned the work which is being done on the AI side; interestingly, he noted that Microsoft has reached a point where AI can simulate playthrough, which, for example, could turn useful in the search of bugs in video games before they release.

It looks like the platform owner has finally found its way, and that's rather a relief after a very troubled generation. What do you get from Spencer's words?

Source: ResetEra

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