Days Gone Details Infestations, How The World Reacts To Players’ Actions

Days Gone Infestations World Actions

During a recent interview with GameReactor, lead open world designer Eric Jensen has provided few more details about how the environment of Days Gone will react to players’ actions.

In particular, Bend Studio has introduced us to the concept of Infestations, which are going to be kind of “hotspots” where freakers will have their nests, similar to what State of Decay 2 does with its zombies.


Once we get rid of them, interestingly, those places which were infested will host humans and their activities in reaction to what players have managed to achieve over the course of their story.

"There's different camp leaders that have different motivations, and there's different jobs and job types that you can get from camps. That's some of the more [...] static stuff," Jensen saiad.

"The rest of the world is dynamic and living and reacts to Deacon, so as you take out what we call 'infestations' - these are kind of hotspots of the freakers where they can nest - you'll see the environment and an area start to change and adapt. So where previously where it was infested with freakers, you might start to see humans showing up."

Days Gone releases on February 22, 2019 for PS4.

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