Ghost of Tsushima Renders At 3200x1800 With CB On PS4 Pro, Has Impressive Draw Distance

Ghost Of Tsushima Resolution And Draw Distance Analysis

Ghost of Tsushima has made an amazing appearance back at E3 2018, where Sony and Sucker Punch provided a quite impressive gameplay demo for the much anticipated project by the makers of inFamous.

Based on that demo, Digital Foundry has offered an interesting tech analysis, which gives us some information about what the game is like at this stage of its development process and how it looks.


First, we learn that, similarly to other first-party titles for PlayStation 4 Pro, it renders at the resolution of 3200x1800p with checkerboard rendering. On top of that, DF says its draw distance is even better than The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine’s.

“The draw distance is quite unlike anything we’ve seen this generation, and even a game like The Witcher 3 with its White Orchard area had to prune back its rendering range to cope on current-gen systems,” says the analysis.

“You can catch streaks of god rays firing down between the dark clouds – but everything is clearly lit to show off that open space. It’s a dynamic time of day – and shadows are affected by the sun’s position, casting detailed shade from branches.”

Interestingly, Digital Foundry notes that the game is not expected to have major downgrades on the regular PS4 model, if not in terms of resolution, but that rumors of a cross-gen release should be debunked now anyway.

Ghost of Tsushima is anticipated to drop next year for PlayStation 4, and among the few things we've learned after the E3 showcase, there's the will of the developer to deviate from the historical truth.

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