GDC 2011: Suker Punch to reveal Big Secret today

Sucker Punch, developer of inFamous 2 and Sly Cooper has announced on its official facebook page that today at GDC they will reveal a big secret, that was kept under wrap by them for more than two years.

Suker Punch

Here is what the developer wrote of Facebook:

Today is very exciting day. We’ve been holding a big secret for the last two years and at GDC later today… We get to tell you all about it.

Anyone putting their money on Sly Cooper 4, then its sad news for you as Sucker Punch later confirmed that:

Ok everyone No a sly 4 announcement is not the secret. Sorry to disappoint some

Can anyone out there guess secret that Sucker Punch hide for more than two year, is it related to inFamous 2 or an entirely new game title?

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