Sony: Playstation Home Update 1.5 will launch in Spring 2011

Sony has confirmed that Playstation Home Update 1.5 will launch this Spring which will add real time multiplayer support for the games, and along with that it will improved the graphics and physics.

Playstation Home

At GDC roundtable, developer Lockwood announced that Sodium 2: Project Velocity, a sequel to Home attraction Sodium, will be the very first title to take advantage of all the new features.

Since its launch two years ago, PlayStation Home has evolved into a dynamic social game platform, and with the update to version 1.5, we’re giving developers the tools to create even more compelling high quality game experiences,” said Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home, Sony Computer Entertainment America. ”Lockwood is one of the first to push the capabilities of this new technology with Sodium2-Project Velocity, and the result is incredible.

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