Halo Infinite Confirmed Not To Be Featuring A Battle Royale Mode


Rumors have been around for quite a long while that Halo Infinite was going to feature a battle royale mode. Something that, apparently, isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

In a 343 Industries livestream, writer Jeff Easterling claimed that the only “BR” the Seattle studio is interested in is the Battle Rifle, the iconic weapon you can use across so many Halo games.


"I'll tell you right now, the only BR we're interested in is the Battle Rifle. The original BR. So calm yourself," Easterling told the worried community in a livestream a few hours ago (via GameSpot).

The franchise manager Frank O’Connor added in a series of tweets that he has “zero objections” in regards of the battle royale genre, and even suggested that you can sort of play it in the existing Halo titles thanks to the Forge.

"We are not currently working on a Battle Royale mode," O'Connor said. "If you really want it, make a version in Customs with Elimination as a basis. Obviously it'll be compromised in terms of size, but you can make something similar now."

So, that apparently puts an end to the rumors that have been around for so long now. Another enduring rumor, one that has not been debunked yet, is that Halo Infinite could come as a single-player experience first and then add a multiplayer component, something that we’ve not been informed about yet.

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