Uncharted Fan Film Director Shares Most Memorable Moment, Talks Future Ideas

Uncharted Fan Film DIrector Shares Memorable Moment

Director Allan Ungar has discussed, during a recent interview, the most memorable moment and the future ideas about the Uncharted fan film with Nathan Fillion, that dropped on YouTube last Monday.

During the entire interview, Ungar proved to be quite competent when it comes to gaming, sharing ideas for other projects that would deserve the movie treatment (like Splinter Cell and, again, Max Payne) and video games themselves – he said he’s played all the titles in the Uncharted series with the only exception of PS Vita’s spin-off Golden Abyss.


“When we were filming, the most memorable part was doing the long take on the steadicam where we follow Nate as if it was gameplay. It was the most memorable because we did it 11 times and it took up most of our third day of filming,” Ungar said recalling the best moment he and the crew spent during the making of the movie.

“That being said, upon reflecting the most memorable part was seeing Nate in costume delivering his lines the very first time I called action. That's going to be something I remember forever.”

Talking about future ideas, the director added that the script that was produced for the occasion has already been brought entirely into the movie, but that there’s a lot of room left for a sequel:

“This is where the script ends, but we did have talks back when we wrote it and filmed it with regards to what could theoretically happen next.

For example, who is this mysterious employer/villain behind the curtain that seems to have such an affinity for lost relics and artifacts? As well as what do our trio stumble upon as they embark on their search for this lost treasure?”

It’s good to see Ungar has already something ready in terms of where he could lead the fan film in case it really becomes a digital series, although it remains to be seen whether Sony could be interested into financing it or allowing it to be made.

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