COD: Black Ops First Strike DLC for PS3 will be live at 2am PST

Curious to know the exact time when Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC pack hit Playstation Store, well the precise timing of the release is confirmed, the DLC will go live in Playstation Store at 10am GMT (2am PST, 4am CST, 5am EST).

Call ofDuty: Black Ops screen

Black Ops First Strike DLC for PS3 will feature four new multiplayer map Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium, and Kowloon, and a Zombie map (Ascension). It will cary a price tag of £11.49 i.e ($15 or €14.49), to watch the first teaser trailer for DLC which was released yesterday click here.

Treyarch just a while ago also released a new patch v1.07 for PS3 version of the game, check out its details here

UPDATE: Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin just while a ago wrote on twitter: "FirstStrike drops in 1 hour!"

UPDATE: NEW TWEET from Josh Olin, check it out what it reads:

"Slight delay in Europe & Australia - Looks like #FirstStrike on PS3 will drop around (hopefully before) 4pm GMT."

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