iPad 2 release set in UK as same date of 3DS

iPad 2 vs 3DS battle confirmed, Apple has announced that the second generation iPad will be coming out in United Kingdom on the same day as Nintendo 3DS. The news was confirmed by Apple during iyd GDC press conference in San Francisco.

iPad 2

According to the details iPad 2 will be 33% thinner than its predecessor, and is developed on a new chip i.e A5 (dual core processor). Graphics and visual of iPad 2 will be nine time faster in comparision to iPad.

Apple has also incorporated built in front and back cameras in iPad 2. It also offers HDMI output with a special dongle. Its battery life is said to be of 10 hours.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO said, "Add all these features up, and we think 2011 is going to be the year of iPad 2"

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