SOCOM 4 Beta details revealed

Zipper Interactive, developer of third-person tactical shooter SOCOM 4, revealed today new details regarding game's beta and the new Bomb Squad mode in the game's multiplayer portion.

SOCOM 4 boxart

On official US Playstation Blog, developer announced that SOCOM 4 beta will be coming out in four separate phases, check out the complete schedule of it below:

  • On March 15th, a private beta goes live. We’ll be contacting eligible players soon.
  • Beginning March 22nd, PlayStation Plus members will gain access to the beta.
  • On March 29th, anyone with a beta code included with Killzone 3 gains entry.
  • Starting April 5th, the beta will be freely downloadable to anyone via PlayStation Network.

Regarding Bomb Squad mode developer said that, in this mode Insurgents has to plant the bomb whereas Spec Ops team need to defuse it by any means, gamers must work together as a team to meet the objective.

SOCOM 4 is slated to release on April 19. SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy Seals Full Deployment Edition is currently available, you can check out its details and pre-order it from here.

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