Pokemon Go's new Psychic-type event starts today

Pokemon Go's Psychic-type Event

A brand-new event in Pokémon Go will have you channeling the dark arts in hopes of finding illusive Psychic-type creatures later today.

The event coincides with the ongoing inclusion of Mewtwo in Legendary Raids. Mewtwo joined raids for the first time at the start of September after previously being available in EX Raids, which are special battles that can only be joined via random invites from Niantic. Mewtwo is set to leave raids on Oct. 23, though.

Pokemon Go's Psychic-type Event

This event, which starts today at 3 pm CT, will cause increased Psychic-type Pokémon spawns until Oct. 14. Some of these creatures include Ralts, one of the Hoenn region's rarest Pokémon. There will also be Shiny Drowzee roaming around for a limited time, so anyone looking to get their hands on this rare color variant should act quickly to add it to their collection.

The Psychic event isn't the only thing going on in Pokémon Go, though. For the next three days, trainers can still hatch rare, region-exclusive Pokémon in seven-kilometer eggs. This Pokémon include Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros, four creatures that are exclusive to certain regions in Pokémon Go. The Pokémon will no longer be hatchable after Oct. 8.

As soon as the Psychic-type event ends on Oct. 14, all of this rare Pokemon will return to their normal spawn rates. So if you want to acquire some of these Pokémon, you better get out there and catch 'em all before it's too late. The same goes for Mewtwo, who won't be in raids for much longer.

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