World Cyber Games 2011 will be held in Korea

World Cyber Games 2011 (WCG), the biggest game festival, will be held in Korea. WCG selection committe has added a total of nine online games in various genre as the official games of WCG 2011, the most noticable entry is WoW, the first MMORPG in WCG history.

World Cyber Games 2011

You can check out the list below:

World Cyber Games(WCG) 2011 official games:

  • Sports: FIFA 11
  • RTS: Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, League of Legends,
  • FPS: Special Force, Counter Strike, Cross Fire, Warcraft 3
  • Action: Tekken 6
  • MMO: WoW

“This year’s official games are selected in pursuit of both satisfying global fans, audience, and sponsers and globalizing Korean e-sports games,” said SiWon Lee the selection committee of WCG. “WCG 2011 will bring all the eyes over world to Korea the hometown of e-sports.”

List of Promotion games as well as that of mobile games will be revealed in coming days, so stay tuned for more updates on it.

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