Chatot and Carnivine appear to be regional exclusive Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Ado Chatot Is Regional Exclusive In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go released its first wave of generation four Sinnoh Pokemon earlier today, giving trainers the chance to catch 20 of the region's Pokémon before more are added to the game in future waves.

Of those 20 Pokémon, two of them have been hard to come by in certain regions, leaving many trainers to believe that both Chatot and Carnivine are exclusive to certain regions. Eurogamer, in particular, has discovered early reports claiming that Carnivine is only appearing in the northern hemisphere, specifically in the USA. This would make the Pokémon exclusive to that region alone and would join Tauros as a U.S. exclusive Pokémon.

Ado Chatot Is Regional Exclusive In Pokemon Go

The other supposed regional Pokémon, Chatot, has only appeared in South American countries like Chile and Brazil. The Pokémon seems to be appearing in South Hemisphere countries as well, such as South Africa, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

If these Pokemon are regional exclusive, however, it likely means that future waves of Pokémon could include other regional exclusive Pokemon for places like Europe, Asia, and more. This would follow in generation three's footsteps, where an abundance of fan-favorite Pokémon was split across the globe.

Most of this should be taken with a pinch of salt though, as Niantic might still be gradually adding the Pokémon to each region. That means that these Pokemon could appear in other regions eventually, but for now, these are the only places that trainers are seeing this Pokémon pop-up.

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