Pachirisu is exclusive to Canada and Alaska in Pokémon Go

Pachirisu In Pokemon Go Is Exclusive To Canada And Alaska

The Pokémon Go news continues to pour in today after the inclusion of generation-four Sinnoh Pokémon earlier today.

Twenty new Pokémon were added to the game as part of the first wave of creatures, but it appears that more are slowly starting to be released since the initial drop. One of these is Pachirisu, the blue squirrel Pokémon, that has been spotted in Canada and in parts of Alaska, leading many to believe that this Pokémon is exclusive to those regions.

Pachirisu In Pokemon Go Is Exclusive To Canada And Alaska

Pachirisu would be the third regional Pokemon to appear in a matter of hours. Chatot has been appearing in the southern hemisphere while Carnivine is only available in northern hemisphere countries.

Pokémon fansite Serebii was one of the first sites to report on this illusive find, with a picture of a trainer lucky enough to find one spreading across social media. The site has also discovered people who have managed to hatch a Luxio in a 10km egg. The latter would be weird, as Luxio is the middle Pokémon in the evolution line, so it is likely to be a bug on Niantic's part that should be fixed sooner rather than later.

There are sure to be more regional exclusive Pokémon that are set to appear in the future. The third generation in Pokémon Go had an abundance of Pokemon scattered across the world, so it is likely that Europe, Asia, and other regions might be in for their own regional surprise at a later date. Until then, trainers will be eagerly awaiting to see which Sinnoh Pokemon will join the game next.

H/T Serebii

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