Nintendo 3DS to become UK Biggest Console launch

Nintendo latest handheld console 3DS will have the most successful launch of any video game console in United kingom, and proof of this, its pre-order sales figure.

According to the details Nintendo's machine has already cross the pre-order sales figure set by Wii, and is on the verge of crossing the 100,000 sales mark at launch.

Nintendo 3DS

"Our target was to get over 100,000 pre-orders - and we're in line with that," Andy Yates told in an interview to MCV. "So far, we've already beat our personal best for a console launch.

"With three weeks to go we're in a great position, as pre-orders are still building. The message to retail right now is that availability is strong and stores can plan with confidence to keep the accelerator on."

Nintendo 3DS will be coming out in UK on March 25 carrying a price tag of around £200. You can pre-order the 3DS directly from here(Nintendo 3DS).

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