New Pokémon: Let's Go trailer shows off post-game Master Trainers

Pokemon Let's Go Evee And Pikachu Master Trainers

A new trailer for Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! has revealed what awaits trainers at the end of the game after beating the main story.

The challenge, known as "Master Trainers," provides over 150 trainers scattered across Kanto. They each represent one of the Pokemon in the Kanto Pokedex. These Master Trainers each have a super-powered version of that Pokémon that trainers can challenge in devastating one-vs-one battles to try to obtain their individual titles.\

Pokemon Let's Go Evee And Pikachu Master Trainers

When going up against these trainers, each match will be a one-vs-one battle with no items allowed. Each Pokémon you face will also have moves that it normally might not know. The trailer shows each battle being a mirror match, but it's unknown at this time if you can choose any Pokémon to go against these trainers, or if you have to own the same Pokémon. Beating a trainer will give you its title, so you can be the Master Trainer of Rattata if you really want to be.

Each of the trainers will be marked by a small icon above their heads, showing off the Pokémon that they're a master of. These trainers can appear anywhere, so you'll need to travel far and wide to find and face them all. Just be sure to save first before taking them on, so you can prepare for a potential loss.

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