Special Ingress tie in for Pokemon Go releases Shiny Ponyta and Cubone into the wild

Pokemon Go: Ponyta And Cubone

Get ready to travel around your local neighborhood later today trainers, as a bunch of new items and rare Pokemon were just added to Pokemon Go in a new limited time event.

To celebrate Ingress Prime's release, a brand new game by Niantic that uses the same AR experience you can get in Pokemon Go, Niantic is adding a bunch of new avatar items into Pokémon Go for no extra cost. These include avatar T-shirts along with a few extra items in the in-game store.

Pokemon Go: Ponyta And Cubone

On top of that, Niantic is also releasing two brand new shiny Pokemon that trainers might be able to find in the wild. These include Cubone and Ponyta, whose shiny colors match the colors on Ingress Prime's factions.

Cubone and Ponyta will also have increased spawn rates during this limited window, so its the perfect time to add these Pokemon to your Pokédex if you haven't already.

Niantic has not revealed when this event will end, however, so be sure to grab them while you can before the game's next major event.

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