Buizel and Budew have been added to Pokémon Go

Image via Pokemon Company

More generation four Sinnoh Pokemon have been added to Pokémon Go over night with Buizel, the Otter Pokemon, and Budew, the baby form of Roselia, joining the game in different ways.

Both Pokémon are currently unavailable in Pokemon Go in the wild. Buizel joins the game as a level one raid so long as you can find him and Budew has been added to the game as a 5km Egg hatch.

There have also been reports of certain baby Pokémon like Pichu and Wynaut also appearing in 7km eggs. These eggs, which are only available in gifts, originally housed Alolan Pokemon. This was originally the only way to get these Pokémon before they were eventually added into the game as a wild encounter.

Lastly, there is also a double Stardust event going on in the game now which will be available until Nov. 13. Whenever you catch or hatch a Pokemon in the next few days, you will be given double the regular amount of stardust for your troubles.

Image via Pokemon Company

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