Dragon Age 2 PC patch coming out soon

Gamers of Dragon Age 2 PC version has experienced low performance under DirectX 11 API. Actually the main thing is that the performance is very much similar to demo version of the game.

Just before the launch of Dragon Age 2 demo, Bioware said that DirectX 11 renderer had some issues and it will be fixed in the full version of the game. The developer didn't fulfilled its promise, and the problem is still there in the game.

Dragon Age 2

Now in an interview to Eurogamer Mike Laidlaw confirmed that the patch to fix the above issue is currently in development.

“There’s been a few minor [bugs] and a few technical hiccups on PC. The two biggies that I’m aware of that we’re looking at aggressively right now – are on PC there seems to be some compatibility issues with DirectX 11,”

“What I would say there is if you fire up the game and and it’s running particularly slow or stuttery, move the renderer in visual options down to DirectX 9 for now. We’re working with NVIDIA/AMD to make sure patches are coming out, because some if it is actually in the driver compatibility. We’ll make sure that’s rectified and resolved.”

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