PS3 Owners: Crysis 2 multiplayer demo is a pain to play

Playstation 3 owners who have downloaded the recent released demo for Cysis 2 are claiming that the taster is a pain to play, and its suffering from heavy game breaking issue.

Many are saying that Crysis 2 demo for PS3 is the worst one in comparision to the Xbox 360 and PC version which was released week earlier.

Crysis 2

Check out the issue that PS3 owners are reporting in the demo of Crysis 2:

  • Framerates drops lower than 30 on many occassions.
  • The server’s are unstable and laggy
  • HUD bobbles a lot.
  • The PS3 version runs at the resolution of 1024×720 which is sub-HD and looks poor.
  • Some sequences causes temporary freezing issues.
  • Hit detection has issues and do not register sometimes
  • Broken Melee system
  • Matchmaking issues, troublesome to find games.

Downloaded the Crysis 2 demo for PS3, do let us know any issue you faced in it.

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