Homefront sells 375000 units on first day in US

THQ has been shown their satisfaction with the release of Homefront in United States, where it has been on sale since last Tuesday. According to preliminary data provided, the game developed by Kaos Studios has reached 375,000 units during its first 24 hours in the North American.

Homefront cover art

Danny Bilson, executive vice president of Core Games division of THQ, has said: "We are delighted with first day sales for 'Homefront' and are already fulfilling re-orders for the game from multiple retailers".

Looking to the future of the game, Bilson added "Homefront's excellent multiplayer experience, combined with our commitment to dedicated servers, make this a must-have purchase for gamers. Due to the strong and growing demand for Homefront's multiplayer, we continue to add dedicated server capacity. We are confident that the large-scale multiplayer maps featuring 32 players, vehicles, infantry and drones, will continue to be a major draw for the huge audience of FPS gamers looking for a new experience over the coming months".

Homefront will go on sale Friday (tomorrow) in Europe.

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