Sony enters into Paypal account of Geohot

Sony has just obtained the rights to consult the PayPal account of hacker GeoHot to prove that he has received money for the PlayStation 3 hack. Previous we reported that Sony got the access to his PC, this time its his Paypal account, to track this transactions done via Paypal.

George Hotz - Goehot

American justice definitely gives plus point to Sony against GeoHot, the hacker of the PS3. After allowing the company to collect the IP addresses of American Internet users have visited the site of the hacker, the federal judge in San Francisco now allows the Japanese company to consult the PayPal account (online payment service) of GeoHot. Sony is allowed to access his Paypal account details for the period of January 1, 2009, to February 1, 2011.

With it, Sony hopes to prove that GeoHot collected a sum of money to hack the PS3. Where Geohot saying in defense that he did not receive any donations for the PS3 jailbreak from people in California.

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