New details about Final Fantasy Type-0 revealed

The latest issue of Jump magazine has revealed some new details regarding the Square Enix's upcoming PSP game title "Final Fantasy Type-0".

Final Fantasy Type-0

The magazine revealed two new characters in the game, who are the Suzaku (school where student learn magic). These two characters are:


  • Is a student at Suzaku. He uses cards and is a passionate fighter. He’s a typical girly blonde boy much like in many other Final Fantasy games (Tidus, Vaan etc).


  • Is another student at Suzaku. She’s a taller slender girl with long black hair and glasses. Shes uses a long blade as her main weapon.

Some gameplay information were also revealed, gamers will be able to perform various combo attacks by making use of button combinations and the analogue stick. Players will take on the enemies with a party which consist of 3 characters.

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