Paul Gibson: Gamers won't buy next COD title because of Black Ops bugs

Paul Gibson, Gamers Voice Chairperson has said that when the next COD game is launched, many gamers won’t be buying it on the basis of what has happened with Black Ops.

Paul also revealed the video game consumer rights organisation received some many complaints regarding bugs in Black Ops that they couldn’t count them.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

In an interview to Beefjack, Gibson said, "Obviously, you’re aware of our issue with Call of Duty: Black Ops. There’s been patches and patches recently, but we are still getting complaints. We are still getting people saying that the game isn’t working; that they can’t get online and that the game’s freezing. You wouldn’t put up with that with anything else. If you bought a DVD, put it in and three quarters of the way it crashed and you couldn’t watch the end of it you’d take it back. You’d take it back to the shop and say this is broken."

Gibson further added that, We don’t want to pay full whack for a video game that doesn’t work for the first six or seven months of its release”

“It’ll be very interesting to see when the next Call of Duty comes out because there is a significant number of people who won’t be buying it on the basis of what has happened with Black Ops,” Gibson concludes

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