Kaos: Patch to fix Homefront Freeze issue coming out soon

THQ on Homefront's official forum has announced that a patch update to fix game's "Freezing" is currently in development, and they will be submitting it to Microsoft for approval purpose in a day or two.

The freezing issue in Homefront has affected many Xbox 360 gamers since its launch, the game apparently freeze just before the main menu while booting up.


Here is what Kaos said on Homefront official website:

"The Homefront Team has been working around the clock identifying and fixing issues surrounding Multiplayer functionality,"

"We want to give everyone an update on what issues are known, how we are working on them, and when you can expect to see fixes available for download

"The Homefront team is finishing up our first Critical Title Update that will address the Profile Corruption issue (also known as the 'Freeze' bug), as this is our highest priority.

"We are also including a fix for multiplayer connectivity and ping time issues, where players are being sent to distant server locations at the expense of performance. We expect this update to be submitted to Microsoft really soon and we will be working with them very closely to get this approved and deployed as quickly as possible."

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