Crysis 2 sign-in issue keep gamers out of game

Many gamers booting Crytek's latest release Crysis 2 for very first time are facing pretty unusual problem, they found themselves locked out of the game. To play Crysis 2 gamers required to log in with their MyCrysis account.

Crysis 2

The system is unable to recognize log details of many gamers, and they are force to create a new email address to overcome this issue. Official Crysis 2 forum has received many complaints in this regards. EA has not yet commented on this issue

Meanwhile EA has released a temporary solution for unrecognised game key issue, check out the solution below:

  • Go to multiplayer and type in your key
  • Navigate back to Single Player
  • Go back into multiplayer and re-enter your key

After completing these 3 steps your multiplayer key will be saved and you will not be required to re-enter it.

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