Rumor: Nvidia bribe Crytek to delay DirectX 11 support for Crysis 2

When Crytek announced that Crysis 2 will not have support for DirectX11, the developer faced lot of criticism. Now reports are claiming that Nvidia spend a total of $2 million for marketing their GTX 590 graphics card. The company made this deal with EA to get them exclusive features for Crysis 2 PC version.

Crysis 2

If rumors coming out is anything to go by then Nvidia paid the money to EA not for marketing but to delay the of DirectX11 for Crysis 2, reason for doing this, gamers would have access to their GTX 590 graphics card when DirectX11 support to game was released.

NVidia has done these type of cheap stunts before also, the company did the same thing with Batman: Arkham Asylum, the game got disable each and every time it read MD’s ATI Radeon graphics hardware.

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