Street Fighter 5 to launch in 2012?, More surprises from Capcom at E3?

Capcom has plan many things for this year E3.In an interview to PGN (Paul Gale Network), Capcom has revealed details about all the things that they have planned for E3 2011.

The first thing Capcom revealed is that Devil May Cry will be making a huge slash at E3 2011, then in 2012 mark Da Blue Bomber’s 25th anniversary so it is expected that company will give out some details about this special event.


Capcom also promises to show new footage of Street Fighter X Tekken this June, and assured that they are continuing to take notes of what gamers want.

When quizzed about new Darkstalkers game Capcom said they need atleast 500000 signatures in the petition before they even consider for making one. But Mega Man Legends 3 happened only on fans request, so there is still a ray of hope.

Mega Man isn't the only franchise that will be turning 25 in 2012, Street Fighter as well, and when asked if we could expect Street Fighter 5 or Street Fighter X Tekken Capcom replied "Street Fighter is as important as Mega Man and they’re both turning 25"

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