A speedrunner broke the Super Mario Bros. warpless world record by .54 seconds


The long-standing Super Mario Bros. world record by darbian held strong over the past seven months—until yesterday.

Andrewg1990, a Twitch speedrunner, has been trying to take the world record away from darbian for months, and he finally succeeded in his quest with a time of 19 minutes and 3.86 seconds—beating darbian's time by .54 seconds.

The world record was recorded in the warpless category, tasking players with running through every single level the game has to offer. This category requires perfection, especially if speedrunners want to have any chance at breaking the world record.

Pixel perfect jumps, muscle memory, and determination are all tested when doing this speedrun. At the end, Andrew was unable to finish his timer, so he couldn’t officially celebrate on his stream because he didn’t know if he broke the record. The speedrunner was stunned, and decided to continue streaming to examine his potential world record run—and he was eventually able to confirm and celebrate his accomplishment.

The warpless speedrun could be beaten again in the future, but it seems like the category might be getting to that point of perfection where it becomes more difficult to improve on a player’s time. A speedrunner could in theory still save just under two seconds of time overall, barring anything game breaking being discovered in the future.

For now though, Andrew holds the crown—but for how long?

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