PUBG Twitch Prime loot can now be bought and sold on Steam's marketplace


The month-long cross-promotion between PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Twitch Prime may be over, but you can now pick up the individual loot items—or complete the whole set—if you didn't grab them the first time around.

Today is the first day that players can buy and sell the gear on Steam's community marketplace, and the prices have been fluctuating. Previously, the gear was only attainable through linking your Twitch Prime account to your PUBG account, but now anyone can pick up the in-game clothing.

As of publishing, the full set of gear (a balaclava, pants, shirt, and boots) is being sold for around $70 or more. This pales in comparison to the pre-order Deluxe Edition set that starts at nearly $1,000 on Steam—but it's still pretty steep.

Each item can also be bought separately, and that seems to be the smart play. The balaclava is priced at around $6, and everything else is cheaper than that—so you're probably better off picking up each item individually instead of going for the full set.

Twitch Prime is part of Amazon Prime, which costs around $100 a year, so buying each piece individually through Steam is easily the cheapest way to deck yourself out in Twitch-branded gear, if you don't want the other perks of Prime. Personally, we think the mask is pretty sweet.

The promotion between PUBG and Twitch was a no-brainer, as PUBG has become the second-most watched game on Twitch just three months after its release in Steam's early-access program.

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