Destiny 2 Classes Preview: Everything We Know So Far

One of the first decisions you will have to make when booting up Destiny 2 is which of the game's three classes you want to play as first.

Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. Each class has its own unique subclasses that have their own super abilities, grenades, melees, and more. Each class and subclass has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to both PvE and PvP content.

Let's take a look at each class, their subclasses, and help decide which one is best for you.


As masters of space magic, Warlocks are the scholars of Destiny, but they are more than formidable on the battlefield.

In Destiny 2, the Warlock's class ability is called Rift. Warlocks can place down a pool of light at their feet, and it will either continually heal those inside of it or increase weapon damage.

This class ability will be extremely useful in both PvE and PvP, as healing will help in both, and the damage buff will be indispensable when it comes to fighting boss enemies in PvE content.

Solar subclass: Dawnblade

Dawnblade is one of the new subclasses in Destiny 2, and it's very fun to use. The super ability, Daybreak, turns Warlocks into a flamesword-wielding phoenix that rains fire from the skies. The aiming of the projectiles of the roaming super takes some getting used to, but it can be deadly in the right hands.

As with each subclass in the game, Dawnblade has two separate skill trees that change the passive abilities. Attunement of Sky turns Dawnblade into an aerial fireball, as double-tapping the crouch button will trigger Icarus Dash, which is a midair dodge move. Warlocks are also able to float in midair when aiming while jumping thanks to the Winged Sun ability.

Attunement of Flame trades in aerial abilities for a more super-focused approach. With this attunement, Daybreak projectiles will seek targets, and killing an enemy with Daybreak will extend its duration. Phoenix Dive replaces Icarus Dash's midair dodge with a dive attack that will immediately bring the Warlock down to the ground when the crouch button is held while in air.

Void subclass: Voidwalker

The Warlock's Void class returns from the original Destiny, but it has received numerous tweaks and changes.

The Nova Bomb super is very different, depending on which skill tree you choose. Attunement of Chaos slows the projectile down a lot, but it tracks and seeks out enemies. When it detonates, it breaks up into smaller seeker projectiles, and the Nova Bomb can be detonated early by firing a weapon at it.

Attunement of Chaos also allows Void ability kills to cause enemies to explode, and striking an enemy with the melee ability will drain their life and recharge the class's grenade ability. You can also hold down the grenade button to draw power from your super charge to overcharge your grenade, making it deadlier and more effective. Combining these passive traits with Voidwalker's strong grenades makes this a solid choice

Attunement of Hunger takes the focus off of grenades and puts it on health. Killing an enemy with the Voidwalker's melee ability will fully regenerate health, and kills after that will restore additional health for a short time. Holding down the grenade button will use up a grenade charge to regen health as well.

For Nova Bomb, Attunement of Hunger makes the super more of a faster projectile that leaves a vortex in its wake, damaging enemies inside of it. This is a good tool for holding down objective points.


Titans are the vanguards of Destiny, as they are frontline defenders and tanks.

The Titan's class ability is Barrier, and it allows them to place down a wall of light to defend teammates or objectives. Towering Barricade is a large square barrier that blocks off a big area, while Rally Barricade is a waist-high wall that can be crouched behind. Taking cover behind the smaller wall instantly reloads your weapons.

Barrier has a great usage in both PvE and PvP, as it can be a necessity for capturing objectives or protecting teammates from fire while trying to resurrect them. The wall can be broken once it takes enough damage, though.

Void subclass: Sentinel

Titan's newest subclass in Destiny 2, Sentinel can do a lot of different things, and it can do them well. Sentinel Shield is the subclass's super, and it summons a shield of Void light. The shield can be used to attack, block, or be thrown.

The first skill tree for Sentinel, Code of the Protector, is focused on supporting allies. With this tree, melee kills restore health for the Titan and its nearby allies, and the Overshield it gains from getting those kills will last longer and increase melee damage and reload speed.

With Code of the Protector, holding down the super button will create a Ward of Dawn bubble to protect themselves and their allies. This super ability is a lot like the Ward of Dawn super from the Defender Titan subclass in the first Destiny.

Code of the Aggressor trades in the support class abilities for a more offensive approach. The Titan gets a Shield Bash ability that is triggered after sprinting for a short period of time, and the attack disorients enemies when it connects. Grenade kills with this skill tree also immediately recharge your grenade energy, so it's theoretically possible to continuously chain grenades together. Kills while surrounded by enemies also reduce the cooldown of their super, and this skill tree also grants a second Shield Throw charge while Sentinel Shield is active.

Arc subclass: Striker

Striker is another returning subclass from Destiny, but it is quite different this time around. For starters, the Fists of Havoc super ability is now a roaming super. Activating it will send the Titan slamming into the ground with Arc energy, dealing devastating damage in the immediate area. But the super doesn't end there, as the Titan continues to pulse with Arc energy as they get a speed boost and can run around punching the ground or meleeing enemies for easy kills.

Code of the Earthshaker is the first skill tree for Striker, and it's quite versatile. Damaging enemies with the Striker's Shoulder Charge-like Seismic Strike ability will recharge their grenade, and they also gain a second grenade charge. For Fists of Havoc, the ground slam attack will leave a damage-dealing field in its wake.

Code of the Juggernaut focuses more on the Titan's punching, as melee kills will immediately trigger health regeneration. Critically wounding an enemy or breaking their shields will increase the Titan's melee range and damage, and striking an enemy with the Frontal Assault melee ability will reload your weapon and increase its stability.


Hunters are all about mobility and swiftness, as their double jumps and dodges make them tricky to deal with in battle.

The Hunter's class ability in Destiny 2 is its Dodge. Double-tapping the crouch button will let the Hunter move quickly in a selected direction. Marksman's Dodge automatically reloads the Hunter's weapon while dodging, and Gambler's Dodge will generate melee energy when used near enemies.

Arc subclass: Arcstrider

The Hunter's new Arc subclass uses the Arc Staff super, where they will summon a staff powered by Arc energy, and run around to deal damage with it. This super is comparable to the original Destiny's Bladedancer, as it has a lot of the same functionality at its base as a damage-dealing super that can one-hit enemies in the Crucible.

Way of the Warrior is the Arcstrider's first skill tree, and its focus is on the Hunter's melee abilities. Melee kills will immediately recharge the Hunter's Dodge skill, and dodging temporarily increases melee range, so the two abilities are used best in concert. Arc Staff will also hit twice after dodging, and striking an enemy with Arcstrider's melee charge will emit a deadly bolt of lightning.

Way of the Wind is the second skill tree for the subclass, and speed is the name of the game. When critically wounded, the subclass's melee and grenade abilities recharge faster. Sprinting with Arcstrider reduces Dodge's cooldown, and overall sprint speed is increased. This skill tree allows the melee ability to disorient enemies, and killing them with the ability instantly recharges the attack. Additionally, while Arc Staff is active, Arcstriders will take less damage while dodging.

Solar subclass: Gunslinger

Gunslinger returns from Destiny with some changes. The Golden Gun super ability summons a flaming pistol that will disintegrate enemies with Solar light, making it devastating at long range, and also the most accurate roaming super in the game.

Way of the Outlaw is a skill tree that focuses on the Golden Gun ability. It allows the super to fire off six shots, albeit with a much shorter duration of the roaming ability. It also makes the super more accurate.

The Gunslinger's melee ability, Throwing Knife, will also explode shortly after impact, and precision kills increase weapon reload speed for you and nearby enemies.

Way of the Sharpshooter rewards accurarcy, as it enables precision damage with Golden Gun. Landing precision hits with Golden Gun will generate Orbs of Light that will help charge allies' supers. Precision hits with Golden Gun also increase its damage and extend its duration.

With Sharpshooter, Throwing Knife will immediately recharge on precision kills. Each precision hit with any weapon will send the Gunslinger into a trance, reducing the cooldown of your super ability.