Zapdos is now live in Pokémon Go

A brand new legendary Pokémon is now available for players to capture in Pokémon Go—Zapdos.

The lightning bird is the last of the three legendary bird Pokémon to be released in the game, and is expected to be around until Aug. 14. So look lively trainers, it's time to capture that last Kanto legendary Pokémon (before Mew and Mewtwo finally hit the game).

Zapdos' arrival in Pokémon Go signals the end of Moltres’ time in the game. There is currently no news from Niantic on when players can expect to see Moltres again—or even if the Pokémon will return at all.

Players looking to add Zapdos to their roster will need to stock up on strong rock-type Pokémon, such as Golem, in order to take it down. Be sure to find a team to help you on your quest, however, as Niantic advises a group of at least 15 players to take on these super powerful Pokémon.

Once players defeat a legendary Pokémon in a raid, the fight is not over. Players will be given a small amount of Pokéballs in order to try and catch it. If you fail, you will need to try and beat the Pokémon again to have another chance.

The only other legendary Pokémon available in Pokémon Go at this time is Lugia, and Niantic has not yet announced when it will leave.

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