Destiny 2's Weekly Nightfall Strikes must be finished before a timer expires

With just over three weeks left until the console release of Destiny 2, Edge Magazine has some more information about what to expect from the difficulty of the FPS's endgame activities.

In July, Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith revealed that some endgame activities would lock your loadout, preventing you from changing any weapons or abilities once the activity began. Weekly Nightfall Strikes will be one of those, but there's a new wrinkle being added to make it even more challenging.

Destiny's Nightfall Strikes are hardcore versions of co-op activities that add in special modifiers, such as certain elements doing more damage, enemies having more shields, or Guardians taking more damage while in mid-air. The Nightfall rewards high-level weapons and gear, and is something of a weekly ritual for Destiny's players.

In the Edge article, Bungie revealed that Weekly Nightfall Strikes in Destiny 2 will be on a timer. The timers will vary in each different Strike, but the article says that players should expect them to be around the 15-minute mark.

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Bungie hopes that the new race against the clock mechanic will encourage more strategy and planning when going into a Nightfall, compared to tactics like hiding and slowly chipping away a boss's health, which was a popular strategy in the original Destiny.

In the past, Destiny players would just persist in repeating an activity over and over again until they were successful. Destiny 2 seems like it will be way more punishing. Bungie is ramping up the difficulty in the sequel—and it will reward those who are hardcore enough

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