A speedrunner finished Pokémon Emerald and the Battle Frontier in just 19 hours

Werster, a prominent speedrunner in the Pokémon community, has beaten one of Pokémon Emerald's hardest categories in just over 19 hours.

The all gold symbols category tasks players with starting a new game, beating the Elite Four, and then getting all of the gold symbols in the end-game's Battle Frontier as quickly as possible. It’s a long speedrun that relies heavily on in-game skill and a bit of luck.

To prepare for this speedrun, the player has to start a new game and then catch, train, and prepare his Pokémon before he can even set foot in the Battle Frontier—and that's the easy part.

The player is then forced to slug through a grueling gauntlet in seven different arenas. The speedrunner needs to win a series of consecutive battles to go against the Frontier Brains in order to acquire their badge. A player must do this twice, and if they lose a single time on their run, they have to restart the chain all over again.

In theory, a player could lose up to two hours going into the later stages of the speedrun, which might prove costly near the end.

A lot of dedication went into completing this speedrun, and Werster will undoubtedly try to improve his new record even more sometime in the future.