Splatoon 2 is Getting Two New Maps, a New Special Weapon

Splatoon 2 hit the Nintendo Switch in late July to critical acclaim. And Nintendo has major plans for the game's first big DLC round. Nintendo will bring three new content updates to Splatoon 2 within the next few weeks, including a new special weapon and two additional maps, the company announced earlier today.

In a gamescom announcement video shared by Nintendo earlier today, Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami unveiled some of the free DLC content Splatoon players should expect as summer comes to a close.

The first update is Lost Outpost, a new map for the co-op gameplay mode Salmon Run. The map features an abandoned outpost in the middle of the sea, left behind due to rising sea levels. Players must use teamwork to help each other tackle enemies due to the outpost's numberous high walls. The map launches on Aug. 23 for local multiplayer and will go live online during that week.

Next, players will be receiving Manta Maria, a new map for Turf Wars and Ranked Battles. Gameplay takes place on a gigantic boat parked at a harbor, featuring three huge masts for players to fight around along with plenty of courses to navigate across the boat. The map enters rotation on Aug. 26, later this week.

Finally, Splatoon fans will get the Bubble Blower, a special weapon that blows three gigantic bubbles onto the map. Shaped like an enormous bubble wand, this weapon's bubbles explode when covered in the player team's ink. They can be used to splat enemies and areas, but they can also disappear if attacked by enemy players. The Bubble Blower will come with the Forge Splattershot Pro on Sept. 2.

This isn't the first update for Splatoon 2. Nintendo has regularly added new weapons into the game, updating it with a new option every week. The original Splatoon for Wii U embraced free DLC as well, a trend that has remained a staple in the game's sequel on Nintendo Switch.