Competitive play comes to Battlefield with Battlefield 1 Incursions

Battlefield will soon be getting the competitive mode that players have been waiting for.

Electronic Arts has announced Battlefield 1 Incursions, a competitive mode currently in development for the publisher’s popular war-time first-person shooter.

To make a chaotic experience like Battlefield 1 work in a competitive setting, the game will be scaled down significantly. Maps will be smaller in scale with tighter areas of focus, with the first official map being a smaller version of Giant’s Shadow. Teams will be limited to five players per side, reflecting what has become the standard in most popular competitive titles.

The scoring system will also be affected to ensure that every point matters and to improve the Battlefield 1 spectator experience. Vehicles like tanks and jeeps will still be included, with developer DICE saying that vehicles are a key part of the Battlefield experience.

Players will also be able to choose their in-game kits before play begins, allowing for an additional layer of strategic depth. Teams will have to plan out both their own synergies and means through which to counter the opposition. Eight kits will initially be available in competition.

Many details remain unannounced. Battlefield 1 Incursions will be entering a closed alpha in September, giving DICE plenty of time to fine-tune the initiative. DICE LA producer Jojje Dalunde emphasized the importance of being able to work on the competitive mode based on player feedback.

“It’s super early in production, but we want to get out there to the players and bring them in as part of the development,” Dalunde said. “I’m really looking forward to seeing this out in the wild.”

Registration for the closed alpha period will close on Aug. 26. Selected players in the United States, Canada, and many western Europe countries will be able to participate in September. No details have yet been announced regarding future tournament and circuit structures.