Rogue signs six competitive Destiny players and streamers


With a little over a week left until Destiny 2 launches on consoles, the highly anticipated FPS sequel might be beginning to make a name for itself in the competitive space.

Rogue is signing six competitive Destiny players and streamers, the team announced on Sunday. Those players are "Dr0ptacularr", "DrLupo", "Flankxr", "Lil Sonic", "Extremlzm", and "WaRbulletproof".

All six of these players have dabbled in competitive Destiny endeavors in the original game, even when there was little to the scene to begin with. Destiny 1 didn't even have private lobbies to run competitive matches until Sept. 2016.

And that's what makes this move by Rogue somewhat curious. Destiny 2 will not launch with private lobbies, and Bungie has seemed uncertain about the game's future esports potential. It's not uncommon for esports organizations to bring streamers on to broadcast under their banner, but these players are all competitive.

Another interesting part of this announcement is that there are six players, when competitive Destiny supports four vs. four gameplay. Rogue said that two of the players are for console, two of them are for PC, and two of them "can float."

All of Destiny's future as a competitive title is up in the air right now, but Rogue seems to believe that there's something worth investing in. Maybe we'll know more after Destiny 2 releases on Sept. 6.

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