You can now pre-load the Destiny 2 beta on the Blizzard app


The wait is almost over. With the beta beginning for pre-orders on Monday, Aug. 28, Destiny 2 can now be pre-loaded inside of Blizzard's app.

David Shaw, the PC project lead on Destiny 2, announced the news on Twitter on Friday afternoon, accompanied by a cute gif of corgis running amok. We expect PC gamers to look similar as they begin to flood the servers for their first taste of the game next week.

Shaw and company at Bungie have some work to do in the weeks ahead, as this will be the first time that Destiny will hit the wild on the PC platform. The first game in the series was exclusive to consoles, and this beta is a landmark day for the future of the franchise on the PC.

Bungie has already confirmed that the PC beta will include a new map that wasn't in the console beta last month, and that feedback from that iteration will be implemented in this version.

Players who experienced the console beta can expect changes to matchmaking, faster Super ability charge rate, and increased grenade damage and power ammo drops in PvE.

Feedback from this PC beta will have plenty of time to have an effect on the launch of Destiny 2, which will come to the PC on Oct. 24. The console version goes live on Sept. 6.

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