Supercell says it isn't interested in ranked 2-v-2 mode, wants all cards in Clash Royale to be useful


Supercell's mobile tower rush game Clash Royale is one of the most popular games on iOS and Android smartphones. And an AMA hosted by the developers on the game's subreddit has revealed more information about the mobile hit's development, its esports potential, and its future updates.

For one, Supercell tackled one of Clash Royale's most controversial topics: in-game balancing. In the AMA, developers talked about the game's changing meta, which has been in constant flux over the 1.5 years the game has been out. In one comment, Supercell explained that the team wants to "make all cards somewhat useful" in play, so that cards are never complete throwaways during combat.

"The goal for balancing has been to make all cards somewhat useful," Supercell wrote in a Reddit comment. "The more cards and diversity there is the more likely 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' [meta] emerges."

Supercell also explained that the team isn't interested in ranked 2v2 for now. For them, part of the mode's appeal is "its casual nature." For now, it doesn't seem like ranked play is coming to 2v2.

Supercell is fascinated with the game's matchmaking system, however, and the team addressed several rumors around its programming by explaining how matchmaking works. Clash Royale game designer Stefu explained that matchmaking is "only based on trophies," but players' in-game behavior dictates a lot about how players are put into matchmaking pools.

"Players on a losing streak are in a 'losing streak' pool," Stefu said during the AMA. "While there you get matched against others in the pool until you win—then your back in normal again. Matchmaking is still based on trophies all the time."

Meanwhile, the team tries to matchmake "abusive trophy droppers" with each other so other players' games aren't affected by these players in-game. And matchmaking has rules for top players, assuring that wintrading doesn't happen, in which a player is matched up with an account that will let them win a match (such as a friend's account, or another account owned by the player).

Supercell programmer Bangs also teased in one comment that there are "some really cool modes" coming to Clash Royale in the game's next update. The team considers these to be "some of the best we've ever done." Bangs also teased the possibility of a mode that will "bring your clan together and work together to beat a common enemy," but that game mode won't happen quite yet.

"War to pit clans against each other?" Bangs said. "I think that's a cool thing, specifically ways to bring your clan together and work together to beat a common enemy. It will happen one day, it's on the list of BIG ideas, but it's a long list and we've got a few big ideas we need to implement first (secret thing A, secret thing B, secret thing C)."

Finally, Supercell said it wants competitive Clash Royale to "be for everyone," and that it "shouldn't be necessary to be part of an organization to compete" for players to engage in the game's competitive scene. But the developer is still encouraging players to represent teams at the Clash Royale Crown Championship Global Series. For them, their hope is to create an esports scene that's inclusive for all, both when it comes to players, as well as 3rd party tournaments.

Clash Royale was released in March 2016 to critical acclaim. The game is available for free and runs on a freemium model.

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