Destiny 2's first Raid launches Sept. 13, first Trials Sept. 15

With just five days left before the launch of Destiny 2, players are chomping at the bit to begin leveling up their Guardians for end-game activities.

Bungie's final blog post before Destiny 2's launch had some important tidbits of information, including the launch dates for the game's first Raid and first weekend of Trials.

The Raid will kick off on Sept. 13 at 10:00 AM PT, meaning that players will have a week after launch to gear up and get themselves ready for Destiny's hardest end-game PvE activity.

In Destiny 1, Trials of Osiris was the game's hardcore end-game PvP activity, featuring a three versus three mode of players attempting to win nine games without losing any to earn special loot. Destiny 2's version of Trials will launch at 10:00 AM PT on Friday, Sept. 15.

Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith confirmed on Twitter that there would be no teasers or teases for the Raid leading up to its release. Everyone will going into it completely blind and fresh.

Bungie also confirmed that the Guided Games feature of Destiny 2 would be receiving something of a "soft beta" where only a select number of solo players will be able to matchmake into the new feature for the Nightfall Strike, starting on Sept. 12. Two weeks later on Sept. 26, everyone will gain access to it.

The first Raid attempts and the first weekend of Trials will undoubtedly be big on Twitch, as players will be racing for world's first Raid completions and more. It's definitely going to be an exciting few weeks for Destiny players.

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