Fallout 4 Creation Club Launches to Modding Controversy

It's only been two months since Bethesda revealed its Creation Club at E3 2017. And now the service is live, with Fallout 4's Creation Club available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Creation Club is an in-game store where artists, modders, and developers work in conjunction with Bethesda to publish monetized content for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. The store's developers, called "Creators," receive payments for their work as development milestones are reached.

In order to go live on Creation Club, content must be developed specifically for the Club. So no paid mods are allowed. Players start with 100 free Credits, which roughly translates to $1. Credits can be used to purchase anything from weapons to apparel to new Pip-Boy skins. For more information on the Club's first content set for Fallout 4, check out YouTube user JuiceHead's overview of the Creation Club's items.

Creation Club has already come under some scrutiny for its first content offerings, however. A report by Polygon's Allegra Frank revealed that the Club's Enclave Hellfire Power Armor already had a free mod equivalent available on Nexus Mods. Developed by the Road to Liberty modding team, the two power armor skins are visually different, but are still based on the same concept. The Road to Liberty team has since published a comparison video, showing off the armors' differences.

Not everyone is happy that Bethesda created their own version of the armor. Many are upset, seeing Bethesda's Creation Club as simply recreating an already popular mod. For them, that means Bethesda is essentially going back on their promise not to create paid mods.

Creation Club is also coming to Skyrim Special Edition, however, no official release date has been set. It remains unclear if the service will come to other Bethesda Games Studios titles, or if the publisher will branch out the Club to games published by Bethesda.

H/T GameSpot