Datamined info suggests a new competitive game mode for Splatoon 2

A fresh batch of data mined from Splatoon 2 may reveal a brand new ranked game mode.

Although it could be another version of the popular RainMaker "Capture the Flag" mode, due to various RainMaker assets that are linked to the discovered files, the dataminers have labeled it "VictoryRocket" until the official name is revealed.

The weapon in the new mode currently uses the RainMaker in-game model as a temporary skin, according to the files. Whether this will be changed in the future is yet to be seen. Splatoon 2's Reddit community have speculated that the item in question might need to be delivered to a moving target to score points, unlike the current RainMaker mode, which tasks players with delivering the "Flag" to a base near the opponent's spawn point.

Dataminers also found more proof that Octolings, the enemies in the single-player mode, could become playable characters in the future. Octoling files were originally found in datamines in August, and further datamines seem to suggest that this could be the case.